Mapbox maps disappearing on plotly.js

On the plotly.js examples using mapbox (for example, here: and in my own maps that use a similar interface, the mapbox maps have apparently disappeared. Thinking this was probably an issue with mapbox, I contacted their support, but they said “It looks like the tiles are coming up grey because the code isn’t referencing a particular style. In other words, it’s looking to grab a map, but it doesn’t have a specific map to pull from. I’m unfamiliar with how syntax integrates into Mapbox, so this might be a better question for their Support team.”

Is there a way to specify the mapbox map style in plotly.js code? It appears that the python and R examples are unaffected. I do have my own mapbox token, for what it’s worth.


Ha. Thanks for the report. You can subscribe to for the latest development info.

Thanks much for the quick response! I’ll specify 0.39.0.js in my code as a temporary fix. :slight_smile: