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Mapbox maps disappearing on plotly.js

On the plotly.js examples using mapbox (for example, here: https://plot.ly/javascript/scattermapbox/) and in my own maps that use a similar interface, the mapbox maps have apparently disappeared. Thinking this was probably an issue with mapbox, I contacted their support, but they said “It looks like the tiles are coming up grey because the code isn’t referencing a particular style. In other words, it’s looking to grab a map, but it doesn’t have a specific map to pull from. I’m unfamiliar with how plot.ly syntax integrates into Mapbox, so this might be a better question for their Support team.”

Is there a way to specify the mapbox map style in plotly.js code? It appears that the python and R examples are unaffected. I do have my own mapbox token, for what it’s worth.


Ha. Thanks for the report. You can subscribe to https://github.com/plotly/plotly.js/issues/2787 for the latest development info.

Thanks much for the quick response! I’ll specify 0.39.0.js in my code as a temporary fix. :slight_smile: