Looking for a developer for a web-based explainable artificial intelligence tool

We developed a tool using Python Plotly Dash. However, some errors may occur in the tool and I want to improve the tool further. The software includes many data preprocessing methods, classification algorithms, and LIME and SHAP methods. I am sending you the link of the web based tool. Analyzes can be made in Turkish and English.

Would you like to join the research to fix errors in existing tool (not too many errors) and add some more explainable AI methods or graphics?

If you accept, I will send you the files. I am sending you the link of the web based tool. Please e-mail me if you are interested.


E mail: hilal.yagin@inonu.edu.tr

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Hey @YAGIN Nice work. And a turkish UI :slight_smile:

I don’t have one of those in my curated listing
so will look to add as an example

Hi @DaveG

Thank you so much. However, it is available in 2 languages. When you press the English button on the UI (the English button at the top right), the language of the UI becomes completely English. If you would like to participate in this research, please send me an e-mail.

e-mail: hilal.yagin@inonu.edu.tr