Lines + Markers not working in Dash Scattergeo PLot


I’ve created a scattergeo plot in Plotly which is rendering fine, including displaying line + markers


However when I do the same graph in Dash it will only show the Lines or the Markers - not both - when I use lines + markers it defaults to markers only


If I use lines only it shows the lines

Any ideas on how to get lines + markers working in a scatter geo in dash?

My Code:

        locationmode='country names',
        lon = [From_lon,To_lon],
        lat = [From_lat,To_lat],
        mode='lines + markers',
        opacity = max(min(1,float(df.iloc[i]['Volume']/2000)),0.1), 
        #opacity = min(1,float(df.iloc[i]['Volume']/1000)), 
        name = df.iloc[i]['ALP From'] + "->" + df.iloc[i]['ALP To'] + " " + df.iloc[i]['Volume'].astype(str),
        line = dict(color=df.iloc[i]['Marker_col'],
                    width = max(2,df.iloc[i]['Volume']/2000)

Thank you

i think it needs to be 'lines+markers'. We really need to wire in our validation into the dcc.Graph component (working on this here:

Any solution for that, I 'm facing the same problem.

same for me, did you solved it?