Leave empty cell in subplot grid layout

I’m using a grid layout that contains several subplots, however besides the display ratio mentioned in this other thread for some “business” specific presentations I need the grid to support some “empty” elements in some rows.

E.g. suppose I have a 3x3 grid (grid: {rows: 3, columns: 3, pattern: "independent"}).

How can I make to get this arrangement:

X | X | -
X | - | X
X | X | X

Where X means a subplot and - an empty cell/grid in the layout.

Thank you.

We don’t draw empty subplots (i.e. subplots with no corresponding traces nor axis-reference components).

You’ll have to add dummy traces unfortunately, to get the result you’re looking for: https://codepen.io/etpinard/pen/XGoPEg?editors=0010

And empty trace with an annotation or some “color” trick (all white?) would work.

Thanks for confirming this.

Just saw that you can now use "" for the cell in the subplot that you want to leave empty.
for example:

grid: {
  rows: 2,
  columns: 2,
  subplots: [
     ['xy', ''],