Label not fully showing in the graph

Hi All,
I’m new to dash and enjoying using it but im having some issues with label displaying in the graph. is not showing the full label when is vertical due to the label length. attached image below for reference.
any idea how to fix this?

I apologies if the post is not in the correct pace. feel free to remove if that is the case

thanks for your help.

You can try either making the font smaller by adding the tickfont and adjusting the size in the go.Layout():

layout = go.Layout(title='XYZ,
xaxis={‘tickfont’: {‘family’: ‘PT Sans Narrpw’,
‘size’: 12


or perhaps you can try putting everything on an angle by playing with the ‘tickangle’ property - try setting to 30 and see how that looks.

layout = go.Layout(title='XYZ,
xaxis={‘tickangle’: 30 }

thanks for the reply waly01 both worked. i was wondering if the graph container height can be adjusted?