Keep row names of dataframe when using api_create

I love the integration of and R.
Yet I have one big annoyance.
When I am uploading graphs to using api_create, I am losing the row names of my dataframes in the grid that is uplaoded to

Is there a way I can keep my row names, when uploading the dataframe from r to

So that there is the row name of the original dataframe instead of the new useless name like “data.1.x”…?


resulting grid in


EntfeuchtungVersuch1plotly<- plot_ly(EntfeuchtungVersuch1, x = ~TaupunktSpreiz)%>%
add_trace(y = ~wP1m2, name = ‘P1 2,5cm’, type = ‘scatter’, mode = ‘scatter’)%>%
add_trace(y = ~wP2m2, name = '2,5cm ', type = ‘scatter’, mode = ‘scatter’)%>%

layout(title= paste0("Entfeuchtungsleistung Prototypen bei ", round(LeistungVersuch1[1,8],0), “% RL Feuchte”),
xaxis = list(title = “Temperatur Spreizung = Taupunkt - Averg. Vorlauf/Rücklauf C°”),
yaxis = list (title = “Entfeuchtung Gramm/Stunde”))

chart_link = api_create(EntfeuchtungVersuch1plotly, filename=“Prototypen Serie III/EntfeuchtungVersuch1”, sharing = “private”)