Is there a way to hide Trace Names in Plotly (specifically R)?

I’ve been wracking my brain over how to get rid of the trace name with plotly and can’t seem to find anything. It seems adding the trace name is a unique feature of plotly boxplots. I could just name it " " but I need the original trace name so that I can reference it when overlaying a marker. I’ve simplified the code as much as possible to the root issue. Is there a way to hide the trace name?

housing = read.table("")
colnames(housing) = c("CRIM","ZN","INDUS","CHAS","NOX","RM","AGE","DIS","RAD","TAX","PTRATIO","B","LSTAT","MEDV")

housing %>%
  plot_ly( x = ~RM, 
        name = "RM",
        showlegend = FALSE
        ) %>% 
  add_markers(x=6, y="RM",
            marker = list(color = "blue", size = 15)