Announcing Dash Bio 1.0.0 🎉 : a one-stop-shop for bioinformatics and drug development visualizations.

🎉 Job opening: we're looking for a Graphing Libraries Developer!

We’re looking for a full-time developer to join our Graphing Libraries team here at Plotly, working on Plotly.js and! If working on open-source features all day sounds like a dream job to you like it does to me, please apply here and let’s talk :slight_smile:

The Graphing Libraries Developer will maintain and develop sponsored features for the open-source Plotly Graphing Libraries, which are some of the most widely-used data visualization tools in Python and Javascript, and are a keystone of Plotly’s open-core Dash ecosystem. Dash and the Graphing Libraries are used for free by data scientists and journalists around the world, working on some of the toughest problems, including COVID research. Features are sponsored by members of the community, Fortune 500 companies, and government and private grants.

Also be sure to check out out our Careers page for more information about what it’s like working at Plotly!

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