Is there any other way to plot this data?


I want to get these kind of plots

I am currently using Gantt charts to plot this data and my code is :

  1. fig1 = px.timeline(df1, x_start=start,
    y=y axis,

fig1.layout.xaxis.type = ‘linear’

df1[‘delta’] = df1[‘end’] - df1[‘start’]

no_of_unique_operations = len(pd.unique(df1[‘Operation’]))
for i in range(0,no_of_unique_operations):[i].x =

plotly.offline.plot(fig1, filename=‘try_plot1.html’, auto_open=True)

Is there any other way of plotting these kind of graphs because on plotting more than 5000 operations chrome pages are not loading .

My dataset looks like this image

Please help