Tracking of jobs with Gantt Charts

I’m using Gantt charts of to plot the progress of jobs.
My data have columns like jobid, createtime, starttime, completetime, status. I’m able to create Gantt charts using jobid, starttime, completetime, status. Now I want to add createtime in same plot.
I have tried to create two subplots and then add them together but it didn’t gives me the expected plot.

I wanted to plot them like

fig1 = px.timeline(df.loc[df['JobID'] == jobid], x_start="startTime", x_end="endTime", y="Task", color="Status", color_discrete_map=colors)
fig2 = px.timeline(df.loc[df['JobID'] == jobid], x_start="createTime", x_end="startTime", y="Task")
figs = make_subplots(rows=2, cols=1, shared_xaxes=True, subplot_titles=("Gantt1", "Gantt2"), vertical_spacing=0.02)
for trace in
    figs.add_trace(trace, row=1, col=1)
for trace in
    figs.add_trace(trace, row=2, col=1)

This didn’t give desired plot. Please suggest your pointers.
Thanks in advance.