Is there a widget akin to ipywidgets' HTML widget?

Is there a widget that is akin to ipywidgets’ HTML object? For my purposes that is very helpful in presenting parts of reports that contain the sentence of interest. I can via simple character count display both the context and highlight the offending span, and generate HTML reflecting that.

However, ability to display dataframes/tables is clunky and cumbersome in that framework, and much nicer in dash. As a purchase to nicer interaction with tables, i find that dealing with formatted HTML is progressively hard with Dash.

Our reports have variably different structures, so we cannot preallocate divs and span in anticipation. Plus we also need to be able to highlight arbitrary parts of the content.

Hi @vhombal welcome to the forum! The discussion in Including raw HTML widget in my Dash app mentions several possible solutions: using an iframe or putting your html inside a dcc.Markdown component.

Thank you, this was useful.