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Is it possible to write pure html code to app.layout instead of html.Div, and interaction with the id

Is it possible to write pure html code to app.layout
like <div id = dd ></div>, instead of using function of html.Div() ,
and make a interaction with

@app.callback(  Output( 'd',  'children'),  Input('input_id', 'value')   )  

@jimmybow - Good question. This isn’t possible right now. What’s your use case?

Here is an extended answer on why this isn’t supported:

Hi, I need to do something like this because I need to add an ‘onclick’ to an html button to perform some function behind the scenes not necessarily directly related to a plot.

Are you looking to perform this function in Python or in Javascript? If Javascript, you can append a script:

I guess technically it can happen in either. I essentially have a long form with a bunch of inputs, and when a button is clicked, I need all the information in that form to be sent to matlab where it will do a bunch of math and then get a response back where it will plot a bunch of points and information, etc.

mainly I’m over complicating things because I started with matlab code because the math on the backend is fairly extensive. but I then wanted to create an interactive user gui with the really pretty/interactive 3-D scatter plots that plotly offers (the interactivity is the key here)

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I just wana to copy the existing raw html code…:sweat_smile:
there are many tools to generate html document