Best way to display an object of type IPython.core.display.HTML in Dash? Is it possible?


as stated in the subject, my question is whether it is possible to display a custom html object (specifically of type IPython.core.display.HTML) in Dash? My understanding is that custom objects are not permitted because of the strict component_property fields that are necessary for callbacks to work. Is my understanding correct?

If this is the case, what would you recommend? The object I am trying to show are some tables. The suboptimal solution is to use the Dash DataTable object which will work very well in terms of getting the data, but the format of the table is quite ugly as my understanding is that there is no way to merge cells (except for columns headers) and my tables have lots of cell merging. Again, is indeed the case? And if so, is there an alternative solution that I might be interested in?

Thank you.