Is there a way to create a heatmap for a floor plan in Plotly?

Hi guys!

I’m wondering if is possible to create a heatmap folium like but withing a building floor plan. Something like the image below.

source: Creating a heat map in Live view Web | TIBCO Community

I’m an architect, and new to dash plotly (programming in general) but already managed to deploy one dashboard to heroku, and this is my next goal with this incredible library.

If you guys could give me some help e or advice, I would appreciate!

You should be able to display the floor plan image as a background image in the figure (layout.images) and then plot an contour or heat map plot above it :slight_smile:

I have a question. What if I want to see more than just the heat of the floor? I mean, if this is a floor plan of a retail store, I want to know what items are attracting customers in the most popular areas, and its related information. Could we treat floor plans like GIS maps? And for those sales units such as counters or shelves or something, divide the corresponding partitions and assign independent interactive features to each of them. You know, sometimes the display of goods will affect the business.

If you want a more GIS-like experience, you might consider spinning up a tile server for the floor plan. You could then use map visualisation tools, e.g. Plotly or dash-leaflet, with the floor plan serving as the base map.

I just made an example. Do you understand? GIS-like, but not GIS. What I envision is an aggregated chart of a series of cells, not a zoomable map. Please come back to this business intent, whether it’s a diagram or something, and think like a user, okay?

Then, I guess both proposed solutions could work, tile layer (with fixed zoom) or a static image as background :slight_smile: