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Custom Maps/Layout

The idea is that there is a camera at each corner on several different floors and I would like to represent the number of people in front of each camera on an dynamic image of the floor plan itself? So my question is there a way to create a heat map on the layout of a building for example or floor plan and not an actual map?

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Hi @omarelseadawy,

One approach you could try would be to use a background image (https://plot.ly/python/images/#add-a-background-image) and then place on top of it a scatter trace with color dimension (https://plot.ly/python/line-and-scatter/#scatter-with-a-color-dimension), or a heatmap (https://plot.ly/python/heatmaps/). Note that heatmap values can be None to skip the rectangle and allow the background to show through.


Hello @jmmease
Will try this approach right away.
Thank you for your generous reply.