[Treemap] "very-popular-finviz-like" zoomable and hover template is possible?


Is there a way to make treemap zoomable like finviz market map(S&P 500 Map)
I have searched reference and guides but I cannot find the right way to do that.

Actually the thing plotly provide is that when clicking higher group(hierarchy) boxes in that group are enlarged and other groups are gone.
That’s very useful too but not same as finviz like zoomable.

In stock market there are many stocks in index(south korea ~ 1,200),
so finviz like zoomable also make understand the visualization eaiser…

(side question…) when hover the industry finviz show the child element name and return(values) is it possible in ploty?

Thank a lot in advance…
Plotly makes visualization beautiful and easy to access!

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That’s what I wanted too!
refer to this

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