Heatmap with different boxsize like Finviz website


is it possible to make heatmap graph like finviz website’s Stock Map
(link: https://finviz.com/map.ashx?t=sec)

The key is that the size of box is market capitalization of each stock and the degree of color is return.
Also, the x-axis has no meaning and just grouping stocks into industry(sector)

The graph is very informative and intuitive… and can be used in many other purposes.
So… python plotly or Dash can make this graph??

if possible… is there any reference or code sample?
Although I search for reference(documentation) related to this question it is not easy for me to find “right” answer…

Many thanks in advance…

I believe you are looking for a treemap.

While it is possible to create heatmaps with unequal block size, your example fits better the treemap definition.

Good luck!



I really appreciate your comments.
As you said, it’s definitely right to try treemap not heatmap…
I will try it

Thanks a lot.
You just save me a lot of time.

HEllo, did you make it? i need your help, i have to find this tree map too. can you send me source code.
dushaevsirojiddin@gmail.com, thank you a lot