Treemap for 2 Boolean columns correlation

Hiii, so I will add a picture that showcases exactly what I am trying to achieve as well as demonstrate my amazing art skills:

Any idea how to do this?

It depends what you want to show, but this looks like heatmap to me…

Pd: your drawing skills are top notch, better than mine :joy:

edit: is the horizontal line discontinued on purpose?


yes and no, a heatmap could work but I want the size of each square to represent the value, the bigger the value, the more space the square takes from the whole.

I also want to use static colors, for t/t it’s green and for t/f it’s also green and the squares will be divided with a black border between each other.

and yes the horizontal line is discontinued on purpose for the reason I wrote above.

Any idea how to achieve this?.

And I assure you, your skills are better. if there was a competition for the worst drawing I would come last because they wouldn’t even consider what I had drawn to be a drawing🤣 .

@Matan I could imagine two possible solutions:

Use a scatter plot with ‘square’ symbols adjusting size and position:

Second approach would be using annaotations with the position an size depending on the value of your count.

I was thinking a bit on what you are trying to achieve. If the width in x direction remains constant, i.e. is independent from the actual value count, you could use a bar chart like the Marimekko Chart example:

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You could even do a stacked bar chart where the first part is x and then the second part is the grouped and the y is the value.

You can also do this from a treemap.

But it requires a change to your df. Basically, make a column called group and then it would equal a concat of the other two. Color by the first column and you are set.

@Matan, that’s what happens if you ask for ideas :joy:

hahaha, i am trying a lot of things right now.
The bar Marimekko idea is great but I need to find how to format it to fit to my needs

  1. the colors
  2. the labels on the xaxis and yaxis
  3. write the amount in the middle of the square

the hardest one rn is the labels and then making it generic with the names.

Any way you could provide the data to test out?

I mean, you kind of have it.
I am working on the Holiday community app-building challenge :grin:

Lol. Ok.

Just throwing this out there, but you know the dashboard helper is for exploring data. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Albeit, you might have to do some more manipulation to the dataset to get it to format the way you want it.

I think actually a regular treemap could work too. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: No data manipulation.

These settings give you this:

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