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Is there a good example of a Dash Application that functions like a blog?

Hi, thanks for looking at my question

I’ve just started looking at Dash and was in the process of writing a local offline web app in Django but like the look of Dash’s integration with Plotly.

I’d like the Dash app to be multi page with one of the pages having a blog appearance when the number of blog div’s are dynamic.

Does anyone know if there are any examples of this functionality I could take a look at?

Thanks again


I don’t know of any project doing this, although I’ve been thinking about making just such a project myself. You could start with my Slapdash project as a template for the app, but you’d still have to solve the problem of managing the content for each page/post. You could also look at the Dash Guide code (which is a Dash app) for how it stores code examples in the one place for both rendering into a document and also evaluating into the app itself.