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Is it possible to plot geotiff data in plotly?

I have .tif file of Europe. I want to plot it in plotly. Is it possible?
If yes how?

I plotted static plot using rasterio package but I want interactive plot.

Hi @manisekhar,

Yes, it is possible to plot a geotiff either as a heatmap:

or as a hillshade (rgb-image):

In this notebook you can see how the two plots have been created: [https://chart-studio.plotly.com/~empet/15837]

Because Plotly and matplotlib do not provide a suitable colorscale for dem data, I defined in the above notebook both a Plotly colorscale and a matplotlib colormap from the so called bamako colormap defined in the library, scientific colormaps, by Fabio Crameri [http://www.fabiocrameri.ch/colourmaps.php].