Color contour plotting on maps

Hi there,

Really in need of color contour abilities over maps, in their various projections - go.contour works fine but it is not geographic map-based - scattergeo works fine but no support of color contouring - looking at what is available it would seem a new class ‘go.contourgeo’ is basically what is required. Is there any chance this is in the works or do I have to keep ‘hacking’ away to try and get something kinda close?

Here’s what I’m wanting to do - these are matplotlib/cartopy renders - but obviously Plotly is a much better way to go into the future

Any info/help appreciated


Seems like this feature still is not available, its been asked for on githubs feature request for 8 years. Have you found any workaround?

Hook @MikeBWx, does this help?