Is it possible to make the first row of a dash_table to be dropdowns?

hey hey hey.
so I am trying to achieve something like this:

the data is random but I need to have different values in the dropdowns
Is there a way to achieve this using dash_table?

Hey @Matan,

I don’t think there is a way with one table. But with two you might be able to accomplish this. :upside_down_face:

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hey @Matan

In addition to @jinnyzor 's good suggestion, if you don’t mind having the dropdowns outside the table, you might be able to create 3 dropdowns that align directly above the Table’s columns.

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Hey @jinnyzor and @adamschroeder
Right now I am using two tables and I have the dropdowns above the dash_table with the information
The problem is to align the dropdowns to be the same size as the cells below them, I can’t give them a fixed width because it’s a responsive table that changes every time I upload a different excel.
Do you guys know a way to do this?


Could try a clientside callback:

    """function setWidths(d) {
        cell_data = $("#table2")[0].rows[0].cells
        if (!$("#table1 > colgroup")[0]) {
        $("#table1 > colgroup").empty()
        for (x=0; x<cell_data.length; x++) {
            $("#table1 > colgroup").append(<col span="1" style="width: 50px"></col>)
            $("#table1 > colgroup > col")[x].style.width = cell_data[x].getBoundingClientRect().width()
        return window.dash_clientside.no_update

I havent tested this. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, thanks for answering.
two problems:

  1. call me stubborn but I try my best to avoid adding any js to my code I try to solve most things using python and CSS, and only if I am absolutely sure there’s no way I will use js.

  2. I need to output to the table in another callback so I can’t use it otherwise I will have a duplicate output error.

Other way would be to fix the widths. :wink:

Pick something else that you can output to in the clientside callback, something that you’ll never touch. :slight_smile:

You are outputting to the id prop of the table, I was thinking that you’d never touch that.

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I am thinking about the design now I might do something else I will update what I did in the end!

thanks for helping!