[Request] New dash-table-experiments

I would like to request these new features for the new dash-table-experiements, which I believe would be very useful:

-ability to have dash components such as buttons, dropdowns etc as cells.

-ability to resize columns (and ability to save these settings for page refresh)

Column’s width can be specified already in pixels at column_widths as an iterable. If you specify less widths than there are columns, the remaining ones will autoscale to fill remaining space, you can also set None for the ones you want to split evenly.

For example:

        {'col1': 0, 'col2': 1, 'col3': 2},
        {'col1': 123, 'col2': 423, 'col3': 232},
        {'col1': -150, 'col2': -100, 'col3': -50},
    column_widths=[50, None, None]

will set first column 'col1' to 50 pixels wide, and remaining two will split evenly on the remaining width of the table. Equal result will be for column_widths=[50].

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