Interactive imshow with BG map (or BG image)

Hello Everyone!

I am trying to create an interactive plot for a website, showing radar data from xarray with a time slider on a map. If the map is impossible, a static image in the BG showing the map would also do the job.
I tried to use imshow for that, but it seems I did not manage to add a background map (or image) to the interactive imshow yet.

The following example would be exactly what I want, but I need a map (or image) in the background
Animations of Xarray Datasets - Plotly

I also could not find a mapbox plot suitable for my gridded data.

For the plotting Library GeoViews, it appears to be relatively simple to add different background maps to the data.
Xarray Image - GeoViews: This is exactly what I want, but I would prefer to use Plotly.

Is it possible to do this with Plotly too?

You can see our current plot, which I want to recreate, the Radar Quick Look, when you click on β€œ3D Data” on our website.
WegenerNet Data Portal

Thank you for your time!

Edit: I already found a very helpful post. Now I just need to add a time slider for the radar data.
Plotly equivalent to Matplotlib pcolormesh for plotting raster image on map - :bar_chart: Plotly Python - Plotly Community Forum

This might be interesting:

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