Insert existing plotly file into dash


I have created a chart in plotly and I want to make dash display it. I do not want to recreate it using the dash components, just to embed the html of the file in Dash. Is there a way to achieve this?

The embedding html file consists of the following tags: “a”, “img”, “script”

For all of those the dash_html_components has an implementation. However I can’t understand what I should do with the dash_html_components.Script. the file’s script looks like:

<script data-plotly="blabla1" sharekey-plotly=blabla2&link=false" src="" async</script>

How am I supposed to structure the dash_html_components.Script component for the above example?

Instead of the script method, you should try the iframe option and use the html.Iframe tag

I have a question on this too.
Can we use the Iframe option with local HTML Files(generated by plotly’s plot function)?

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In the html.Iframe.tag is there a way to remove the edit button similar to the link=false I used in the source?