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Adding HTML page as DIV tag output in Dash

I am planning to use the Dash drop and button options to apply some filters and create HTML File with plotly plot.
My plotly plot has Play and Pause animations. Dash doesnt support Frames option. Therefore, I used plotly to do that.
I am seeking for some help on how can I embed this HTML file as div output tag on Dash App.

If I use plot(fig,output_type=“div”). It generates a lot of raw html content. How can I convert that to HTML Div tag.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank You.
Best Regards,

I would like @chriddyp to comment on best practices here, but rather than accessing that raw html, my idea was to create a div using dash, and then append an external js file that would create a plotly graph in that div (though I tried that out a few ways and can’t get the page to bring in plotly.js separately, I think there’s a clash I’m not seeing.

Thank You for your reply.

My graph is getting updated based on the drop downs in Dash. Therefore, I need to update that javascript file based on callbacks.
Do you think that there is a way to do that.

Appreciate your help.

Best Regards,

I responded in Animations in Dash

This is a great idea! Thanks for your reply.
I will try this and post my results here.

Best Regards,