Embedding dash to pre-existing django app

i have dash.py file in which i have created a dash which includes some graphs and data table.
how can i embed this dash.py file into a pre-existing django app.
(like i have a django-dashboard created, i need to add a statistics button in the django dashboard and when clicked on it my dash.py file should and and execute the graphs created using dash.
can u please help me out in this?)

If you’re going to run your dash app inside django, then take a look at django-plotly-dash.

If however you’re going to run a separate server, then embedding in an <iframe> is probably the cleanest way.

can you give an example of how to embed iframe in the django? @chriddyp @delsim

@Sam2 - if you want to use Django to also serve up the dash app then look at django-plotly-dash in the link above. It provides a template tag for embedding Dash apps in an iframe along with other necessary infrastructure.

On the other hand, if you just want to refer to a Dash app served elsewhere, then put the url into an iframe element in a Django template - something along the lines of

<iframe (various parameters like height etc) src="https://dash_server_url"></iframe>

Note that this is a general Django use case, and there is nothing Dash specific in it. The dash_server_url must be accessible to the client.

Thank you! I got it @delsim

Hi delsim, I tried to use your django-plotly-dash to embed the newly released dash component called dash-pivottable into my django project, but in the sample snippet of the component, a sever for the app is defined by “server=app.server”, which will raise an error of “AttributeError: ‘DjangoDash’ object has no attribute ‘server’”. If I comment out that line, there’s no error but the dash component is unable to be loaded and nothing displayed. So I want to try the “iframe” way, but I don’t understand where I can get the “https://dash_server_url” for the dash-pivottable component. You can find the dash-pivottable component here: “📣 Dash Pivottable Released

@oneway if you’e using django-plotly-dash then Django gets used to serve the components, so there is no embedded server.

You should just define your app, using whatever components such as the pivot table one, and then use the app with Django as described in the documentation

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