Images Not Loading in Dash App after 24 Hrs

I’ve made a few dash apps, and without fail - whenever I try to load an image from a url image address, the image will initially show up just fine… but then in roughly 24 hours the image will cease loading UNTIL I make a new URL for the same image - then it will appear again for 24 hours or so… then rinse and repeat.

Wondering if anyone has a fix or suggestion for how to make image functionality work perfectly, as I need to load specific background images for my plots.

Is the solution to host the images locally, or am I missing something here?

Thank you,


Where did you host the image? I don’t think dash has this issue so you are probably using temporary image hosting.

I hosted them on Imgur. Upon further inspection, the images will only load on my app if I have gone to the hosted image url within my browser in a separate window before loading the app to display the image as a background to my plot.