Dash app running slow during interactions with file system of the server


I am working on a dash app that has to fetch images from the file system of the server and display them on the UI. In context of the same, although it is taking quite less time to fetch images from the file system… more time is consumed while showing them in the UI.

Approx - around 3 min for 60 images. Is this some code mistake from my side or is this the ideal time? If so, is there a way to reduce this time?

PS: Using the pillow library in python to fetch and display images.


Hey @ramyasree,

it’s pretty hard to tell without having more information. It depends on how you set this up. Obviously the image size will have a big influence on loading time.

Also, something else that will slow you down is that the requests are happening most likely synchronously or in a blocking manner (1by1).

If you could have them all catered at the same time, then it would make it quicker. The issue would still be with how quick the component could render on the client’s browser.