IE11 Not Rendering Plots

At my employer, the majority of the users use IE11. I am noticing that the plots I output to HTML files do not render in IE11, but render fine in Chrome. I found that this is due to the document mode in IE11. If I change it to “Edge” the plots render great. The issue I have is I can’t tell everyone I may share a plot with to manually change this setting so they can see my plots. Is there a way to do so in my code to tell IE11 to use this particular document mode?


Thanks for the report. Could you share a sample of the HTML files you’re trying to render in IE11 to help us debug?

Hi. Sorry it has been so long for me to reply. I was doing some more digging around while sanitizing some data to give to you. It appears something has changed on our end and the issue seems to have disappeared. Sorry for bothering you with a false alarm. Thanks again!