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Hyperlink to rownames in heatmaps

Hi plotly community!

I’m newests in plotly and I’m plotting an heatmap, but I’m trying to add links to row names. I’ve looked lots forums but only find links to titles with href.
What I need is to have my heatmap and click on the name of the row (I’m using mtcars for explore this), and that takes me to the established link.

My very simple heatmap is the next:

p<- plot_ly(
x=colnames(data1), y=rownames(data1), z=data1,
type = “heatmap”, colors = “YlOrRd”)

Is there a way to set links to rownames with href?

pointing to Mazda RX4 , and so on, with car names…

Thanks a lot community, and sorry if it’s something basic… =(


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