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Hyperlink to data point

Is it possible to add a hyperlink to data points in a scatter plot in Plotly in R?

Hi @haleh

It’s not optimal but I usually hide text with a link behind the scatter points (note, this only works when points are spread out).

p <- plot_ly(
    type = 'scatter',
    mode = 'markers',
    x = c(1,2,3,4),
    y = c(5,5,5,5),
    text = c("<a href=''>A</a>",
             "<a href=''>A</a>",
             "<a href=''>A</a>",
             "<a href=''>A</a>")
  ) %>%
    mode = 'text',
    textfont = list(
      color = 'transparent'
    showlegend = F

Thank you. Its hard to keep mouse in the hyperlink to be able to click on that. Is there any way to improve that?