Add_annotations does not work correctly

I have the following R code to plot a heatmap and annotate its values:

  x = colnames(correlations_cross), 
  y = rownames(correlations_cross),
  z = correlations, type = "heatmap", 
  colorscale = list(c(0, "rgb(255, 0, 0)"), list(1, "rgb(0, 255, 0)")),
  zauto = T,
  zmin = 0.7,
  zmax = 1
) %>% 
  add_annotations(x = colnames(correlations),
                  y = rownames(correlations),
                  text = correlations, 
                  showarrow = FALSE,
                  ax = 20,
                  ay = -20)

The heatmap and colors are displayed correctly but annotations are only displayed correctly every third row of my heatmap. It seems to be alternating in a pattern: it displays first row correctly, then for the second row it grabs a value from 3rd column of the matrix, then 1st and 3rd. For the third row, it grabs a value from 2nd column, then 3rd and 1st. The fourth row is dispayed correctly and it keeps alternating like this.

‘correlations’ is a 25x3 matrix of correlation scores where rows and columns are named.

Any suggestion what could be wrong?

Can you explain me the correlations_cross matrix?