Creare Annotated Heatmaps subplots with plotly

Hello I am trying to create an annotated heatmap of confusion matrices into one plot using the subplot feature but I could not add the annotated values. I also want to remove the hue towards the right as some of the values are overlapping. Below is my code and image of my code after running the cell:

from plotly.subplots import make_subplots

fig = make_subplots(rows=6,cols=1,subplot_titles = ("Logistic Regression Classification","Decision Tree Classification","K Nearest Neighbors(KNN) Classification","Naive Bayes Classification","Random Forest Classification","Support Vector Machine(SVM) Classification"))
fig.append_trace(go.Heatmap(z=cm_lr,text=cm_lr,),row = 1, col = 1)
fig.append_trace(go.Heatmap(z=cm_dt,text=cm_lr,),row = 2, col = 1)
fig.append_trace(go.Heatmap(z=cm_knn,text=cm_lr,),row =3, col = 1)
fig.append_trace(go.Heatmap(z=cm_nb,text=cm_lr,),row = 4, col = 1)
fig.append_trace(go.Heatmap(z=cm_rf,text=cm_lr,),row = 5, col = 1)
fig.append_trace(go.Heatmap(z=cm_svm,text=cm_lr,),row = 6, col = 1)
fig.update_layout(height=1200, width=800, title_text="Patients' Classes According to Biomechanical Features")