How to use jupyterlab-dash in an offline environment


I want to use Dash with interactive coding in Jupyterlab within an offline Environment behind corporate Firewall. I already installed Dash and when I publish an App the Renderer Works.

Now I wanted to install the jupyterlab-dash and I need your help.
This are my installed dash-components:

I was able to use pip install jupyterlab>=1.0" jupyterlab-dash with our local repo.
But I’m running into Problems when trying to use jupyter labextension install jupyterlab-dash:

When I look at the log file I can see that it checked if i have nodejs installed (which I don’t),
it then tries to install node.js but isn’t able to in this offline Environment.
I also don’t have npm installed.

Is there anyway to install jupyterlab-dash in an offline environment or isn’t it possible to provide all dependencies offline?


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I tried looking deeper into this problem and found similar issues over at Github:

Some approaches where some workarounds with a:

Those approchaes dont feel like a feasible solution to run smothly, but I thought it’s a good idea to share in one place.

Currently I’m trying to use JupyterLab_Delux 2.0 (from Frédéric Collonval) but my question is, what solution is recommended?
Is there anything in coming or news I’m unaware of, since those posts over at Github are from 2018.

I’m sorry for the frequent pushes but I’m kinda lost.