Jupyterlab dash extension on remote server

I installed the jupyterlab dash extension and try to run the example code on a remote server. This does not work. I can set a host in the app arguments viewer = jupyterlab_dash.AppViewer(host=’’,port=8050) but then i have to open it in another browser tab instead of seeing it in the juypterlab tabs. The only thing i had to change was to append the path with sys.append(‘fpath to jupyterlab-dash folder’) to the lab extension path because the installation described in the doku only seems to install it in the folder :

git clone https://github.com/plotly/jupyterlab-dash
cd jupyterlab-dash
npm install
npm run build
jupyter labextension link .

To rebuild the package and the JupyterLab app:

npm run build
jupyter lab build

Is there any workaround to get this also work for running jupyterlab wiith dash extension on remote server?