How to use dash-AG-Grid treedata

I want to know how to use treedata in Dash-AG-Grid.
JavaScript Data Grid: Tree Data (

Since Im dealing with hierarchial data(Graph Network), TreeData is perfect tool to express my data.

However, dash-AG-Grid is now on alpha-release and it doesn’t seem to be supported dash yet.
If its imposible to use it now in dash, I wonder if there is a support plan of it.

(One more Question.) It seems like row grouping works without license. Can I use it without a license?
(It’s burdensome to buy just because you need this feature.)

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Hello @wowwwn,

Welcome to the community!

Tree Data is not functioning currently, but it is on our to-do list of enterprise features.

As far as you other question. You can use enterprise without a license, however, in production you will get a watermark just like on the dash ag grid docs under the enterprise section.


Thank you for the reply!

Hopefully Treedata will be supported soon!

So you mean, it is not a big problem to use the Enterprise version features even if there is no license key if you accept the watermark. right?

I don’t know if there are performance degradations or not, but I think all the functions are there.

I know that the console on the browser gets blown up with errors from it. :grin:

See the official Ag Grid page to learn about their license key restrictions: Data Grid: AG Grid: License and Pricing

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