How to specify decimal places in exponentformat

Hey there!

I tried experimenting with the “tickformat” option (on axis layouts) to leverage the exponental format with .2~e but it forced that exponential format on all axis labels everywhere. I liked the default behaviour where it would only jump into formating ticks when a number was 1e-4 (or rather 1e-3 in my case).

so after some digging around (and fighting the type-system which didn’t allow me using minexponent yet.

I came up with this nice line of options:

  yaxis: {
    showexponent: 'all',
    exponentformat: 'e',
    minexponent: 2,

which resulted in almost exactly what i wanted:


But i would love to add some precision to this (ie: 1.0e-3). How would I go about adding precision. is it possible to somehow send in or monkey-patch my own formatter that takes the tick-values and then allows me to do stuff with it myself? I can’t see any logic that would allow me to send customized values in (other than hard-coding those values, which i want to avoid as we get all kinds of data from our simulations) and I’m not seeing any variables that i could use to add precision either sadly.