How to set the exponentformat?

Hey there,

I’d like to change the exponentformat on the x-axis. It appears that the exponentformat property is now on marker.colorbar (in a scatter plot that is). Can you provide a small example how to use it? I have tried different approaches but none have worked so far.

Thanks in advance!

Through some debugging, I’ve found a solution I’m happy with:
if (xAxisIsTimeBased) { this.layout.xaxis.tickformat = ''; this.layout.xaxis.type = 'date'; this.layout.xaxis.exponentformat = 'B'; } else if (xAxisIsPlainNumberBased) { this.layout.xaxis.type = undefined; this.layout.xaxis.tickformat = '{:d}'; this.layout.xaxis.exponentformat = 'none'; }

this.layout refers to the layout object you would provide in a call to Plotly.newPlot(plotlyElem, yourData, layout);
Important here is the xaxis.type attribute which makes the x-axis use a time-based scale.

More info: