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How to format tickvalue which is a number to some precision for any axis

Hello everyone ,

I am having trouble formatting tickvalue which are number for any axis.
Currently I ma doing something like

 yaxis : {
							range : [0.000,1.200],
							ticksuffix : "",
							dtick : 0.3000,
							showline : true,
							showgrid: true,
							mirror: 'ticks',
							tickformat : d3.format(".3f"),
							tickmode : 'array'

I want number to formattted upto 3 places after decimal.

May I am using tick format in a wrong way.I read the documentation,but there are no examples as such.
Can any have clue ,how to acheive this ?


tickformat :".3f" should do the trick.

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Thanks @etienne:Your solution worked.You are doing amazing job.

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