How to show current value of a slider right next to it

How could I achieve following in Dash i.e. the current value of slider is in its immediate right?

image - this is how ipywidget slider shows current value by default.

I am aware of that:

  1. Slider of dash core components provides tooltip property for showing current value, but that can be positioned only around the handle of slider, not as I want above!
  2. I can try slider control from but that can only show current value above the slider, not as I want above. By quick reading all of it’s attributes from reference, I don’t find any that can bring the current value to right of slider (correct me if I’m wrong).

Why do I want this (or anyone else may need it)?

In my dash app, I have multiple sliders to show for controlling the graph. I want to stack them vertically like this:
So it seems intuitive to show the current value in right side of each slider (is there a better way?). Please help me how to achieve it in dash-plotly?