Dash RangeSlider Tooltip Different Placements

Hi, I’m using a rangeslider and I want to show the values on tooltip. This is okay, but the tooltips showing on same placement. I want to show they different placements. For example, left tooltip must be on top placement and right tooltip must be on bottom placement. Is this possible? Otherwise both seem to be intertwined.


dcc.RangeSlider(id={"type": "slider-1", "index": n_clicks},
min=335.2, max=7830.6, slider_value=[4461.2,4817.6]
                                      tooltip={'always_visible': True, 'placement':'bottom'},

Hi @outlier,

Hmm, it looks like this is not an option for the RangeSlider currently. I think it would would be good to open this as an issue in github to make the feature request!

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Thank you for your reply and suggestion. I opened an issue in github now.