dcc.RangeSlider tooltip - display something else than value

Is it possible to use the dcc.RangeSlider tooltip to show something else than the current value of the slider?

Example use-case: Imagine that your slider values are actually indexes of a list of real values. You want to present the real values to the user instead of the values of the indexes. You cannot use the marks property of the slider because there are too many values and it would look messy.

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Apparently, this functionality is present in the react slider.


<div style={wrapperStyle}>
      <p>Range with custom tooltip</p>
      <Range min={0} max={20} defaultValue={[3, 10]} tipFormatter={value => `${value}%`} />

See the tipFormatter property. Could this property added to dcc.RangeSlider?

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I submitted a feature request.

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