dcc.Slider turn off tooltip or use marks?

Is there any way to either turn off the tooltip entirely, or make it display the values for marks (instead of the slider value)? I’m using something similar to the log slider implementation, where the actual slider values are only keys that map to my intended values. So marks might look something like:

marks_map = {
  0: 1,
  1: 2,
  2: 4,
  3: 8,
  4: 16,
  5: 32,

This lets me display my options in a nice, decluttered manner, while having non-linear slider values. I have everything working as intended, except the tooltip still displays the keys (1, 2, 3…), and not the values (1, 2, 4…).

Any advice on ways to turn this off or modify the tooltip display value would be great.

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