Tooltip and Slider -- not refreshing the position

Hi Dash Community,

I have been experimenting with Sliders lately and I have been confronted to the following problem: when used with Chrome, the tooltip correctly updates the value displayed (i.e the new position of the cursor), but its position is not updated (i.e the tooltip still lies in the old position of the cursor).
This seems to happen only when the user clicks directly to a new position of the cursor (no sliding)
An example in the image below (the initial position was 0.97, the new is 0.84):

In addition, when holding the slider with the mouse and dragging it to the left (or right), it only updates its position at discrete positions (in this case, every 0.1 steps).

Are there accessible parameters that could alter these behaviours ?

Thanks in advance

Thanks for reporting! This looks like a bug to me. I’ve added this to our bug tracker here:, you can track our progress on that issue.

No problem, thanks for doing such a great job with Dash. I will track the progress on GitHub.