How to show bars with radius 1 in logarithmic bar polar charts? Bug?

Hi, I use bar polar charts with logarithmic axes and I have a problem representing bars with the radius 1.
They just don’t show up in the graph, although it’s radius is successfully shown in the legend (even with the correct color).

Please have a look at the attached screenshot. There you can see, that I even tried to scale down the range of the radial axis.
I therefore set (like mentioned in your reference here:
tick0 = 0.1 and dtick="L0.1" to start the radial axis at the radius 0.1 with steps at every 0.1 points…
But that doesn’t work… The axis starts nevertheless at 1!

I normally would use dtick="D2" (and according to your reference, tick0 is then ignored…) but then also the axis starts at radius 1, not showing the bars that have a radius of exactly 1 or lower.

I think the problem is that the polar axis doesn’t start at zero at I can’t find a way to bypass that behavior…
For now I just increased every bar to a minimum radius of 2 but that can not be the solution?!

I think I found the bug!

In my code I’m also setting the axis_range and according to your reference, when the axis_type is set to log, then also the range is interpreted as 10^n with n as the start of the range.

So how can I set the axis to range from 0 to a given radius when using a log scale for the axis?
I unfortunately need to set axis range…

As a workaround I’m using -1 as the range beginning… So values are displayed from 0.1