Line chart with axis type logarithmic

Hello All, Thanks for joining me to Plotly group. New to Plotly.

I am trying to generate the plot with log scale and also need of 0 to present. (Even logarithmic not have, want to have on chart). Couldn’t able to :frowning:

Then started with generating the dynamic range, using logarithmic logic and want to show the scale appropriately. Got the scale, but not equally spaced.

Would like to check with you all, if possible to show the range in equal space ?, Or is there some alternative to show log scale including 0.

Appreciate your help !.

Layout -
xaxis: {
tickformat : “%H:%M:%S”
yaxis: {
tickformat : “”,
showticksuffix: “last”,
hoverformat : “”, type: ‘linear’, nticks: 5,
tickmode: ‘array’, tickvals: [0, 100, 460, 2122],
autorange: true, fixedrange: true,
rangemode: “fixed”,
showexponent: ‘last’,
exponentformat: ‘SI’

You’re close. I think setting yaxis.ticktext is all you have to do now.

Thanks for the response.

I see yaxis.ticktext, just label the given scale value.

Looking to draw Logarithmic scale with out using the default ‘log’ property.