How to set yaxis title or label location (left, center, right, top)


In Matplotlib, We have an option/property to set x and yaxis label / title location as shown below. But I could not find the right property in plotly. Please advise how to set location of the yaxis title/label in plotly.

In Matplotlib:
plt.ylabel(‘Your label here’, fontsize=5, loc=‘top’)

Thank you

Check this out

I can see location details for plot title but I do not see any property for x-axes and y-axis label location.

It would be great, if you can provide an example. Thank you.

Yeah you right there is no option to move the axis title left or right inside the plot. You can only change the distance between the axis title and the tick labels using title_standoff. Also curious to know why would you need to change the axis title position anyway isn’t it standard to have the axis label at the center?

Hi Atharva, It is due to our customer expectation. Thank you.

Does the following help:

    xaxis={'side': 'top'}, 
    yaxis={'side': 'right'}  

please find the complete answer in: