How to set Video Wall Display size with a grid?

My problem statement is like this:

I want to create a Dashboard using Python Plotly Dash and I want to display it on large Video wall. I have a very basic questions as below:

  1. My Laptop built in display resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels. My actual video wall overall screen resolution is 9600 x 3240 pixels. Video wall is made of LG 55SVH7F-A display (1920 x 1080) having a grid of 5 columns x 3 rows. In each grid cell (LG 55SVH7F-A display unit), I want to display a unique graph.

Let me know how can I make Grid in Python Plotly Dash that when displayed on video wall, each graph is displayed on its respective cell of Grid (LG 55SVH7F-A display)?

  1. I want to hide vertical and horizontal scroll bars. Please suggest how to hide vertical and horizontal scroll bars?