How to send "Windows desktop" notifications from the Dash "Web" App?

Hello everyone,

So I have a very specific use case that I am trying to find a solution for.

I have a Dash Python Web App hosted on cloud. A subset of my users want to have the following workflow for one of their business use cases:

[1] The “Web App” somehow sends them a notification on their “windows desktop”.

[2] When they click on the notification, a window should open up that will have some kind of form with fields and a submit button. This “window” could be the app’s webpage in a browser tab. Although, my users are inclining towards having a “desktop app” kind of feel in this window.

The “Submit” button will send the form contents back to the app’s backend.

I am trying to explore how do I implement this functionality. “Desktop Notification” and a “desktop app like feel” for the window/form are priorities (in order) for my users.

Any ideas/thoughts guys?

@AnnMarieW @adamschroeder: Would be awesome to hear your thoughts on this.

Thanks a lot.

Hello @manish1022iiti,

What you are looking for is a progressive web app, which dash can be run in that fashion.

As a PWA, you can send window’s notifications as well as the look and feel of it will be that of a regular desktop application. Although, it will just be their browser with all the regular features stripped, like the url, bookmarks, etc.

With this all said, to send actual windows notifications to the device they are on, you will need to have a backend that can send these notifications. Azure and Google have these available, there are some others as well.

But essentially, the user will get prompted if they want to download the app, and/or allow notifications on their device. If they select yes, then you will need to store their device id in a database. There will be examples of how to do this based upon your notification provider.

By default, the windows notification will be setup to open either the active tab with the app on it, or open a new window with the app site in it. This is handled by the notification provider and the data that you pass it.


Hello @jinnyzor

Thanks for getting back to me and describing the details.

I use Azure Cloud (the app is hosted using App Service); let me check how I can send notifications from Azure to my users’ devices, and noted on the fact that I might need to store some form of “device id” in the database to push notifications.

I think I now know where to start; will let you know how it goes :slight_smile:

Thank you.

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